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television - returnable series (60min) - dramedy

Imagine I Hate Suzie and Younger had a drunken threesome with Ally McBeal. 49-year old Grace Miller is tired of doing everything right. When her 25-year marriage to a well-known TV evangelist implodes, she decides to take a gap year from her seemingly perfect life and do all the things (and people) she never got the chance to before she got married. Fifty bad decisions by the time she's fifty - what could possibly go wrong? But what happens when life throws some curveballs that don't exactly fit her plan? Disgraceful examines what it really means to be 'good' and is what happens when life tries stamping you with a used-by-date but you're nowhere near ready to expire.

the scoop

television - returnable series (60 min) - rom com

The Scoop is a hilarious and sexy romantic-comedy series  in the vein of popular films Notting Hill and How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days.  In order to save her flagging career, tenacious British paparazzi photographer, Finn Delaney, goes undercover to expose a world-famous rock star hiding out in a tiny coastal town in Australia. When she unexpectedly falls for him and discovers his secret, she must not only hide who she really is, but decide what’s more important - the story or her heart.

status: optioned & in development w/Hoodlum Entertainment

Top 10 Finalist Page International Screenwriting Awards


anatomy of a liar

television - limited series (1hr) - drama/psychological thriller

As dangerously sexy as it is terrifying, Anatomy of a Liar examines morality, power, trust and sexuality—and will leave you questioning not only what you believe to be true but every untruth you’ve ever told and why. Esteemed and highly-ethical psychiatrist, Jules Dempsey develops an unhealthy connection and obsession with a patient—August Brown, a clever young woman and pathological liar, charged with murdering numerous men. Boundaries are blurred and lines are crossed as their quid pro quo arrangement results in a pattern of lies bleeding into the psychiatrist’s personal life with catastrophic results. But is it all part of August's game?

paperbark crossing

television - returnable series (30min) - young adult drama

Sixteen-year-old CHARLIE is a horse-loving city girl from New Zealand, who is obsessed with The Man from Snowy River and dreams of being a jillaroo - despite the fact she has never even been to the country. She’s based her dream around a faded photograph of the father she’s never met. When Paperbark Crossing, a residential agricultural school in Australia, opens its doors to international students for the first time, Charlie sees it as her chance to pursue her dream and search for her Dad. A complete fish-out-of-water, she nevertheless channels her inner country girl and soon finds her feet as she gets to know her fellow students. At Paperbark Crossing, close friendships are formed, romance blossoms, and rivalries are forged as the kids discover that working the land is harder and more rewarding than they could have ever imagined.



feature film - drama

"In the heat of the moment, you lose more than just yourself."

 A poignant and sensual coming-of-age story set in North Queensland in the early 1980s; a time and place of particular freedoms, social mores, and sexual politics. Becky, a young English girl, moves to Australia with her parents after the death of her younger brother. They are each immediately swept up by the heat, the space, and the social nature of their new home – a welcome distraction from grief and guilt. But, unable to connect with each other, Becky’s parents each find solace in the wrong places and their actions set in motion a devastating chain of events that force Becky to grow up rapidly. Burn is about loss – of innocence, of trust, of control – and letting go. It’s about love, and lies, and how sometimes they all blur into one.


you, me, and the dog

feature film - dramedy

director: mairi cameron

 In You, Me, and the Dog, a married couple navigate life post-break-up while sharing custody of their beloved dog, Frank. As they unpack what went wrong in their marriage and try to move forward, they discover that co-parenting a fur baby is just as complex as a child and that maybe Frank has a thing or to to teach them about living in the moment and being happy.

until september


feature film - drama

When a racist homophobe is diagnosed with terminal cancer, he finds himself assigned an in-home-care nurse... who’s both Asian and gay. Both men find themselves reassessing their world views as their conflict, and eventual unlikely friendship, changes them both. Their confronting, raw, and unexpectedly funny story explores death and compassion - and the fears that drive us all.

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